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Live Entertainment

These are groups appearing live at the Iron Horse Casino. For dates and times please check our Calendar. For booking information, please contact us.

New Jack City

New Jack City


Who is "New Jack City"? This 5 piece band has been together since 2005, and has become one of the Northwest's premier show/dance bands. Featuring hits from the 70's to today, New Jack City brings high energy and fun to every venue. Bobby Brown, Beyonce, Rihanna, Timbaland, Mary J. Blige, Sugar Hill Gang, along with Buckcherry and Lit, there's something for everyone at a New Jack City show. With these hot dance hits and the popular music of today, New Jack City has produced a highly entertaining show. The amazing dance production, fantastic musicians, not to mention the incredible energy on stage, will have everyone up and dancing wherever New Jack City happens to be!


Tiffani Werre- Vocals/ Wil Abadilla- Vocals/ Glenn Talley- Guitar/ Dylan Dearinger- Drums/ Joe Maynor- Bass/Keys




The FUNADDICTS specialize in bringing friends to the dance floor by expertly performing a wide variety of music genres... Jazz, Classic Rock, Contemporary, Country, Golden Oldies, Ballroom and Disco... this band authentically "covers" sixty years of commercial music with uncompromising attention to detail. From Glen Miller to Lady Ga-Ga, we can mix and blend our sets to suit your entertainment needs and perform at an appropriate volume level for your guests.

But wait! No matter how much fun you are having with the music, you won't be able to stop watching Janaya, our energetic, beautiful and talented front singer. Add three capable, accomplished singing musicians who love to perform, and we guarantee that your guests or patrons will thank you for an enjoyable evening!

FUNADDICTS..."the name doesn't make the band work... the band makes the name work!" (Tacoma News Tribune). Pleasantly personable, profoundly professional and always full of pep... FUNADDICTS is a great band for any party atmosphere!


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